Royal Approval for Business Centre Tenant

Paddock Business Centre based Greenhouse Sensation have received the royal seal of approval for their gardening products.

The Greenhouse Sensation team exhibited at the Edible Garden Show on 28th – 30th March and their stand was singled out by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall for a visit.  Camilla said that she wanted to buy a chilligrow for her son, food writer and restaurant critic Tom Parker-Bowles because he loves chillies but forgets to water them.

Greenhouse Sensations Chilligrow keeps chillies perfectly fed and watered at all times, without ever sitting the roots in water, so when Tom returns from week long trips reviewing restaurants his chillies wont have gone thirsty.  This perfect watering also means Tom will find that he produces bigger harvests than the chillies he has previously grown in growbags and pots.

The Chilligrow has 3 pots and an 8 litre SmartReservoir.  When the soil starts to dry out the Chilligrow’s FeederMats pull water up from the SmartReservoir into the soil around the roots-precisely where the plants need it – maintaining perfect moisture levels around the roots at all times.

The Chiligrow’s on-demand watering is much more responsive to a plants needs then hand or dripper watering and the roots are never stood in water so plants are stronger and healthier with no risk of erratic watering causing the common problems of root rot, split fruit and blossom end rot.

The Lancashire-made Chilligrow is a more compact version of the company’s best selling Quadgrow, which was featured on QVC on Saturday and has been nominated for a Grow Your Own ‘best space saving product’ award

Designed and made by Greenhouse Sensation in England from recycled material.
Avalaible from

Chilligrow – A set of 3 x self-watering pots with a 8 litre SmartReservoir. For chillies and herbs.
Price £28.90
Size:L79cm x W24cm x H27.5cm
Integral Reservoir: 8 Litres


About Greenhouse Sensation                                                                                                   Greenhouse Sensation is staffed by people passionate about growing edibles.  The company’s horticultural experts design products that make it easier for anyone to grow stronger, healthier plants.  Greenhouse Sensation products are made in England from recycled material.

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Name: Emma Lowther-Wright
Tel: 0845 602 3774
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Paddock Business Centre, Paddock Road, West Pimbo, Skelmersdale, Lancashire